Friday, May 8, 2015

A Soul Touched By You

The quiet afterwards, the flashing of memories, the echoing of laughs, the falling of tears, and all the moments that make goodbyes unbearable. No matter how planned they are, their effect can never be accurately estimated. People come and go, but what they've done to you is what lasts. What lasts are those times when they've pushed you further or held you back. It's the words of encouragement or the words of belittlement. It's their looks of trust, their empowerment or their looks of disgust and discouragement. What lasts is the body of feelings buried within your soul that resurges with the memories stirred by the aches of separation.

Winning is a journey, a story to be told. What we win is all the time we've spent together preparing for the moment of truth. It's how we have helped each other stand the test of time, and how we have followed into the inevitable road to separation. It's the fire that you've built in me that keeps burning despite the blowing winds of your departure. It's the new me that I have become, it's the pieces of you that I hold so dearly close to every insecurity I have ever had to keep me calm, steady, and strong. I rise and stand after a time when doubt had successfully blinded me from seing beyond the fog. The search was hard amidst all desparity and the feelings of lonliness and fear were starting to conquer me. However, I've been saved by a shadow striding steadily towards me. A shadow escorting me through the dark, cold and uncertainity. Never revealing itself to me completely throughout the process, yet leaving me behind, when the time had come, able to see even when vision is obscure. You left me with hope. You've awakened my might, my power, and my pride from amidst the dust.

These words you may never know of. Indeed, you may never know, but I shall never forget you my mentor. I shall never forget your approaching shadow. Goodbye and Thank You...


  1. Lovely expressions of respect and admiration...

  2. impressive words define great personality
    I'm so sorry for your lost Jasmine ... 💔