Wednesday, January 2, 2013

An Amputation

Surgically speaking, an amputation is a very messy procedure. It's a determined decision. We cut everything from the skin all the way down to the bone. The point is we don't stop. In an amputation, there's no going back.

We are not butchers. After all, to take a major decision like this, as surgeons we have to have really good reasons to do so. Taking something that GOD has given away from someone, is by far one of the most difficult things to do.

''Sir, this leg is dead. Even if stays, it won't be of use, it will as well take your life if you don't allow us to interfere. I understand how difficult it is for you to have to make this decision, and I feel your pain, honestly. However, if it were possible this dilemma is to be solved in any other way, I wouldn't have procrastinated sincere efforts to save the leg.'' Maybe that sounded like something that came out of Grey's Anatomy (the series), but it's not. It's reality. Decisions like these are very difficult to make. Yet once the reasons are obvious, benefits outweigh risks, and once the decision is made, we cut.

Not once have we stopped in the ORs and tried to reverse an amputation. The minute we grab hold onto that blade, we are 100% focused and determined to sever everything. Even bone doesn't get in our way when cautery and blades fail. We saw the bone. We get the job done.

The last time I checked, I have had an amputation. I wake up every day ever since that day and I see a stump. I have amputated you. Please, do not come back asking me for a reversal. Dead amputated limbs don't come back. You were a great gift from GOD, and the hardest blessing to lose, just like a limb, but the decision has been made and dead amputated limbs just don't come back.


  1. Though we might become disabled, some ppl we need to amputated from our lives to survive ;)